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Ultra Kleen Bearings

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Dodge Ultra Kleen mounted ball bearings are ideal for washdown applications. The stainless steel set screw (SC) insert is deployed in either of a polymer or stainless steel housing. The Hydro Armor triple lip seal with rubberized flinger provides superior protection against contaminants while the patented MaxLife cage retains lubricant.
Stainless steel housings feature a solid base, with no cavities or fillings to trap contaminants
Mechanically retained Hydro Armor sealing system with triple lip seal and rubberized flinger that closes the gap left by conventional all metal flinger designs
MaxLife cage creates grease compartments around each rolling element, allowing balls to be constantly in contact with grease, and insure grease retention in potential washout conditions
H1 registered food grade lubricant
Food-grade lubrication is standard

    Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
    Ball Bearing Housing Series Baldor-Dodge FB-SCEZ-103-PSS Ultra Kleen Bearings Baldor-Dodge FB-SCEZ-103-PSS 1 pcs Negotiable
    Self Aligning Baldor-Dodge LF-SCEZ-103-SHSS Ultra Kleen Bearings Baldor-Dodge LF-SCEZ-103-SHSS 1 pcs Negotiable
    Brand Baldor-Dodge F4B-SCEZ-112-PSS Ultra Kleen Bearings Baldor-Dodge F4B-SCEZ-112-PSS 1 pcs Negotiable
    Ball Material Baldor-Dodge WSTU-SCEZ-35M-PSS Ultra Kleen Bearings Baldor-Dodge WSTU-SCEZ-35M-PSS 1 pcs Negotiable
    Ball Bearing Housing Series Baldor-Dodge TB-SCEZ-104-SHSS Ultra Kleen Bearings Baldor-Dodge TB-SCEZ-104-SHSS 1 pcs Negotiable
    Housing Type Baldor-Dodge LFT-SCEZ-35M-SHSS Ultra Kleen Bearings Baldor-Dodge LFT-SCEZ-35M-SHSS 1 pcs Negotiable
    Bearing Bore Shape Baldor-Dodge F4B-SCEZ-30M-PSS Ultra Kleen Bearings Baldor-Dodge F4B-SCEZ-30M-PSS 1 pcs Negotiable
    Retainer Material Baldor-Dodge WSTU-SCEZ-200-SHSS Ultra Kleen Bearings Baldor-Dodge WSTU-SCEZ-200-SHSS 1 pcs Negotiable
    Manufacturing Plant Location Baldor-Dodge FB-SCEZ-104S-SHSS Ultra Kleen Bearings Baldor-Dodge FB-SCEZ-104S-SHSS 1 pcs Negotiable
    Ball Material Baldor-Dodge F2B-SCEZ-104S-SHSS Ultra Kleen Bearings Baldor-Dodge F2B-SCEZ-104S-SHSS 1 pcs Negotiable
    Ball Bearing Housing Series Baldor-Dodge WSTU-SCEZ-40M-SHSS Ultra Kleen Bearings Baldor-Dodge WSTU-SCEZ-40M-SHSS 1 pcs Negotiable
    Bearing Series Baldor-Dodge P2B-VSCEZ-107-PSS Ultra Kleen Bearings Baldor-Dodge P2B-VSCEZ-107-PSS 1 pcs Negotiable